How to Bring Fun Back into Your Life

We’ve seen it all when it comes to finding fulfillment and pursuing happiness from every single personal development and self-help book out there. They give us inspiration and a few tips here and there about how to get those in your hands. But ultimately, they don’t work for me or for you. Because they’re largely focused on what has worked for the author or the few people they’ve worked closely with. That’s all large and fine, but what about you?

I’ll give it to the majority of them though – they do say that you should find something similar that works for you. But it’s still apply and modify my model.

What if I told you that you already have the answers for fulfillment and a light to get you out of being burnt out. Wait…there’s more…keep reading.

A common theme between self-help and personal development book, gurus, youtube videos is that we’re all seeking fun and desperately want it embedded in our home and work lives. That’s what makes routines of adulthood more interesting. That’s what propels us to seek a career that we’re passionate about, or even start a business based on that principle alone. And that’s what makes [you name it] seem amazing, great, out of this world.

Here’s this really cool thing: there are fun personality types. 8 of them. We have a profile consisting of a main fun personality type, with an additional 3-4 fun personality traits.

Let me walk you through these types in the following quiz: What is your brand of fun? Quiz


As you can see within my profile, I have these personality type and traits. 

Screen Shot 2018-08-17 at 11.17.10 PM.png


Since learning about my profile – fun personality and traits – I’ve started seeking out things that I feel align with them, and they’ve been amazing. I’ve started baking more in the kitchen (creator) and trying out silly foods (joker), and lately feel even more confident to go back to doing improve (storyteller).

What do ya say? Take the quiz and try out your fun profile. Let me know what you get and your thoughts!





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