Play Personality Types - What You Need to Know

Say Hello to Your Play Personality Type

Gone are the days of trying to balance everything and throwing yourself into things that you think should be fun for you. But these fun personality types could mean big things for you as you’re figuring out a balance in your home and work life as well as self-care.

Here’s everything you need to know about what fun personality types are, how they work and why it’s the perfect thing for you to better understand about yourself.

What are play personality types?

Fun personality types are developed from play personalities written by Stuart Brown in Play: How It Shapes the Brain, Opens the Imagination, and Invigorates the Soul. Play is a drive we’ve had since birth and fostered in childhood. While we’re adults, this transfers to how we have fun. There are 8 fun personality types: creator, connector, collector, competitor, explorer, joker, storyteller, and kinesthete.

Why should we learn more about fun personality types?

By understanding your fun personality type, you can better understand your sense of play and what drives you to have fun. As we know, we all need to make time to have fun at home and work. And better understanding what our fun personality can help us determine what types of activities and ideas we can incorporate in those areas of need.

How do fun personality types work?

Take the quiz and see what your fun personality profile is. You will have a top fun personality, followed by a ranking and percentage of 3-4 additional fun personalities. All of these will be important in brainstorming, planning, and doing fun things and activities.

How do I incorporate more fun into my life based on my fun personality type?

Ooh yes, great question! Use the idea inspiration kit.


You can also purchase my ideas e-book to find ways, plan, and merge your interests. The goal here is to help you integrate fun into your home and work life with ease.

Fun Personality Type Best Practices

When it comes to fun personality types, there are things you need to remember so your new fun lifestyle is worth it to you:

Make it Intentional

Y’all know I’m a big fan of finding a workable balance of making creativity and fun valuable and intentional along with fun for fun’s sake. And this is soooo true for your fun personality type. For those of you who are goal-focused, intentionality is something you may be seeking with fun. But also, feel free to take it easy and chillll. All in your zone of fun, deemed by your fun personality type and profile.

Keep It Focused

When you’re just starting to get to know, connect, and reconnect to your fun personality type, don’t try to do anything and everything all at once. You have plenty of time and space to try new things. Remember – if you’re feeling burnt out, throwing a bunch of things in at once, can be especially overwhelming. And you’ll just leave so tired. Aw, that sounds so sad, doesn’t it? – so, don’t do that!

 Try New Things

At the same time though, don’t be afraid to try anything and everything fun and see what sticks! See what you love and are obsessed with – see what gets you excited and that spark lit up. As with any new license on life – we get to decide what we want it to be.

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